"Success depends on a due mixture of special and non-special minds - of minds
which attend to the means and of minds which attend to the end"

Walter Bagehot (1826 - 1877)
British Author and Banker

At Trust Services, S.A. we have that essential combination of minds.   Walter Bagehot also said:  “One cannot make men good by Act of Parliament”.  In a similar vein, professionalism is either just on the surface or substantive and so if you are venturing offshore, wherever you choose, remember the financial services equivalent of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom:

  • Deal with professionals who are licensed in the jurisdiction where their principal office operates.
  • Do business with professionals who are audited annually, preferably by an international firm.
  • Consider obtaining references or find out how long the business has been operating.
  • Take into account the calibre of management, particularly their qualifications and experience.
  • Give thought to meeting the senior personnel before conducting business.
  • Do not base your choice of professionals on the lowest fees tariff.
  • Take tax and legal advice whenever it is necessary.

 Our Seven Pillars of Wisdom is not infallible of course, and in the end it may come down to judgement on your part.

Please complete our Confidential Information Request on our home page to receive specific information. In the pages which follow we provide you with a brief history of our trust company, give you the professional background of the senior staff and then provide a copy of a speech given by our Managing Director which addresses essential issues.   Trust Services, S.A. offers its clients confidentiality, continuity and credibility.  The firm has 3 directors and also 3 department supervisors for administration, accounting and banking ensuring that there is ample personnel to provide a high standard of service constantly. To get an update on current offshore developments, please go to our Newsletters and Articles web pages.


Stewardship of wealth
remains very much an art.
It eludes the "intelligence"
of the most complex computer
models and quantitative techniques.




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Trust Services, S.A. Overview

Small by design. Built on expertise. Panama’s base for traditional British service from specialists in the formation and management of offshore corporations, trusts, wherever domiciled, and foundations, providing services to professional firms, institutions and individuals since 1981. Our international public and private sector experience in fiduciary and corporate administration is unrivalled in Panama.

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