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We are Panama's specialists in offshore corporations and trust formation, providing services to professional firms and private individuals since 1981.

Readers may reprint or forward the newsletters in whole or in part, provided the source is stated and the material is not altered or distorted.


From 1998 until January, 2010, we published a regional newsletter, Letter from Panama, which provided a timely commentary on developments in Latin America. It has been replaced by Latin Letter, which is also a regular column in Offshore Investment a professional journal published in the UK and which has an international readership.


The current issue and previous ones appear below.

Issues of our previous newsletter, Letter from Panama, can be read and appear below after Latin Letter.




Trust Services, S.A.

Small by design. Built on Expertise. Panama’s base for traditional British service from specialists in the formation and management of offshore corporations, trusts, wherever domiciled, and foundations, providing services to professional firms, institutions and individuals since 1981. Our international public and private sector experience in fiduciary and corporate administration is unrivalled in Panama.

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Courier Address: Edificio Balboa Plaza, Oficina 522, Avenida Balboa Panama, Republic of Panama.
Telephone: (507) 269-2438, (507) 263-5252
FAX: (507) 269-9138, (507) 269-4922
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 0832-1630, World Trade Centre, Panama, Republic of Panama.