Small by design. Built on expertise. Panama’s base for traditional British service from specialists in the formation and management of corporations and foundations, providing services to professional firms, institutions and individuals since 1981. Our international public and private sector experience in fiduciary and corporate administration is unrivalled in Panama and we offer consulting services on every aspect of trusts under either common or civil law.



  • Corporate secretarial services and management of local and foreign business affairs
  • Corporate and foundation formation
  • Consultants for international trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Administration and specialised accounting services


“A failure to guard against optimism and build in a margin for prudence against unexpected events.”

British Government Treasury Report

Trust Services, S.A. can help provide that margin of prudence against unexpected events when making your international financial plans.  An independent professional services company, we are firmly rooted in Panama without any representation or offices outside the country, strengthening the confidentiality of our own and both our client’s personal and business affairs. We offer a service in respect of commercial activities where companies, foreign or local, wish to conduct business rather than investment in Panama and need local tax, secretarial, banking, accounting and administrative assistance. We have several qualified accountants on our staff. In fact, we specialise in the administration of small business offices and our services include, for example, preparation of payroll and social security reporting. After decades in business in Panama we have become very familiar with the country and the region, so we are able to offer an experienced guide for foreigners who find themselves in virgin territory.  “Latin Primer:  A Practitioner’s Perspective” is a useful, timeless, aid and is also available in booklet form upon request. To get a cross-section of regional history, economics and politics you can also read Latin Letter, our series of regional articles which was published in an international investment magazine between 2002 and 2017. Although the politics are not current, each article is a window into countries in the region. Go to our Latin Letter web page where every article can be found. Being in, but not of, Panama is important because we understand many of the pitfalls you might face.  Our first language is English and we have a leading role in promoting, in particular, British business in Panama. Both our Fees Schedules and Client Application Form can also be found in the general section of our Articles web page. You can contact us by:

  • Email:
  • Telephone (+507-263-5252), (+507-269-2438)
  • Fax (+507-269-4922)


What clients are we looking for? The careful and the conservative is the short answer and this welcoming page has been designed accordingly. Reading all of it will provide you with the preliminary information you require. We are the British face of professional business services in Panama, displaying a level of skill with solutions that reveal our expertise. We do not want a lot of clients, we want a lot of good clients. Good service means satisfied clients (note the testimonials shown later on this page) and good clients are the bedrock of our business. For us it has been a tried and tested formula for our company as we moved from the 20th into the 21st century.

During 2017, Trust Services, S.A. completed the task of streamlining its operations, by establishing an independent Compliance desk, increasing staff numbers in key roles and improving computer and control systems.  Despite the considerable time and costs involved, the exercise has been well worthwhile and the principal platform upon which our business has been built since 1981, providing sound business advice and management (particularly personal estate planning and legitimate asset protection).


Pendulums, Presumptions and Power

A New Rome

The West Wobbles

The Boy from Bulawayo

Read what’s behind the headlines above in the latest issue of our newsletter, Offshore Pilot Quarterly, which has been offering news and views on matters offshore since 1997.  As the business environment has changed, so has its focus. Previous issues have been re-printed in whole or in part by professional publications and it is written by our President and Managing Director, Derek Sambrook, a qualified international trust and estate practitioner since 1979. He has been a member of the former Latin America and Caribbean Banking Commission as well as an offshore financial services regulator (banks, trust companies and insurance) for the British government in the Caribbean with over 50 years financial services working experience in Europe, America, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Our newsletter is free to subscribers (request your subscription via our Information Request) and all new clients are automatically placed on our mailing list. The current and previous issues can be found on our Newsletter web page and are enjoyed by a wide readership which includes non-clients. One regular reader and a former United States congressman had this to say: “You have successfully practiced and perfected what Kipling called ‘the power of observation’… to the delight of many”.

Remember to avoid pirates and do not appoint Blue Beards rather than grey beards to represent your international interests. International financial services can be hard and hazardous and to request information before reading any further, please click on this link: Confidential Information Request.

Trust Services, S.A. has been helping clients since 1981, presenting the facts in black and white, just like this website (except for a dash of colour here and there) designed and written by us. You’ll find no fancy graphics or frills here, because our philosophy is to put substance before style and performance before presentation. We rely on just one form of advertising and which is the most enduring source of publicity: personal recommendation. Here are examples of what some of our clients have said:

"In military citations for medals, there is the standard phrase of "for services above and beyond the call of duty" and you certainly satisfy that criterion". "I would like you to know that I am truly happy and can think clearly now as well as sleep like a baby thanks to your advices and services that you provided me with".

"... and just wanted to add that his [Derek Sambrook] company is the best I have ever worked with - by far. They are hands down the greatest company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with".

"I know some people may find it counter productive to ask their lawyer if they should or shouldn't start another corporation or not. With the thinking being that of course the lawyer would like that...for added business. However, I trust your recommendations explicitly and appreciate your candor. I know that you have my best interests in mind...and for that I appreciate it".(This reference mistakenly refers to our President as a lawyer, but the sentiment expressed is unchanged).

"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and would like to tell you how impressed we are, not only with your professional services and knowledge but also with your personable and comforting presentation. Once again, after going over the material provided and reading through the web-site information – we are convinced that your organisation is the one that we would like to assist us…”

“Your results have consistently matched your word, which is a rarity in today’s business environment”.

"At the risk of boring you, I must once again tell you how comforting and simply terrific it is to deal with such professionals like Trust Services! Your prompt replies and excellence of service and knowledge of offshore protocol are simply unmatched!"

"The next time that Greek philosopher Diogenes "lights his lantern looking for an honest man", I will mention your name".

One attendee at a local seminar commented:

“I’ve been to many conferences and seminars in the past, because I believe that it’s worthwhile to pay for personal education. But this is the best because it’s not just one speaker or one point of view but a wide array of information. The presentation by Derek Sambrook of Trust Services was worth the price of the seminar alone. He’s the first person that I want to talk to when I return to Panama.”

Trust Services, S.A. is an independent professional services company which reached its 35th anniversary milestone in 2016, and although many changes have taken place in the international financial services industry, the one constant over the decades for our clients has been our consistent standard of service. We do not accept commissions from any third parties and so any introductions we make are for the sole benefit of our clients. Any lawyers, bankers, investment institutions or other professionals that we suggest, therefore, are given in your best interests. It's not what they can do for us, but what we can do for our client that counts. Reputation comes before remuneration and which we zealously protect. Professionals recognise its importance, and that it is the crucial element of business

Our offices were purchased in 1993 and are conveniently located on the City’s seafront in the premier commercial location of Marbella.

More important, however, than a great location is great service and so every professional services company needs not only adequate financial, but intellectual, capital as well. A dedicated, trained and bilingual staff (with many senior staff having worked for the firm since the 1980s) has given our clients efficiency and continuity. The next generation of managers is already in place so that our clients need not have any concerns about the continuity of our representation. As a family business we understand family concerns and the importance of not only continuity, but accuracy and attention to detail. Despite popular belief, prompted by biased journalists with little practical expertise in many cases, and egged on by financial scandals, not all business has taxes as the raison d´être for going international, any more than money laundering is always a motive. Very often, unique investment and business opportunities are available in the international arena and  centralising international wealth management under the control of specialists means that companies such as Trust Services, S.A., for example, are able to offer co-ordination of bank and investment accounts, administration, accounting or simple bookkeeping and, if necessary, introduction to other professional providers. We have specialised in establishing start-up businesses in Panama and our services have proven to be essential to their success. In many cases we serve as advisers (particularly in the case of foundations and trusts) offering solutions and designing structures to fit your needs. We have been simplifying the complex over some 40 years and we offer a package, not just a product. We can, in turn, structure a corporation with bank and brokerage accounts, including credit cards.

All our activities are protected by the strict confidentiality laws of Panama that impose fines, imprisonment and, where applicable, revocation of licences for those professionals who breach them. Please go to our Services web page for full details of our fees and when reviewing them, always remember that services, like wine, may appear the same until tasted and that price is usually commensurate with quality. To quote John Ruskin, the Victorian art critic: "It's unwise to pay too much, but it's unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.” And he added: “There is hardly anything in the world which someone can’t make a little worse and sell a little cheaper – and people who consider price alone are this man’s lawful prey.”

We have adopted the Code of Professional Conduct of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners ( in the United Kingdom and our President and Managing Director has been a member of the society since 1993.
What is the first step? Where do you turn? We hope that answers to these and other questions will be found in our compilation of essays which can be read on our Articles web page. They are the distillation of decades of experience in the field. Our Latin Primer, especially, can be an invaluable source in this regard.

Panama is a bridge between two oceans. Trust Services, S.A. is a bridge between two objectives: successful planning and implementation of an international strategy. It is delivering the service that counts and you must look beyond the gloss and sheen so frequently encountered. Put us to the "e-mail efficiency test" - see how long it takes us to reply to your message and then make comparisons. You'll find it reassuring. Whether, however, you choose Trust Services, S.A. or not, be sure to do your research and avoid what we call the 7 Deadly Sins (enter our website and click on our Company icon). The advice is priceless.

Important Note: Our country code is 507 for telephoning and faxing and the time zone for Panama is -5 hours GMT(summer) and -6 hours GMT (winter).



Trust Services, S.A. Overview

Small by design. Built on expertise. Panama’s base for traditional British service from specialists in the formation and management of corporations, wherever domiciled, and foundations, providing services to professional firms, institutions and individuals since 1981. Our international public and private sector experience in fiduciary and corporate administration is unrivalled in Panama.

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