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Business Administration, Banking Assistance, Accounting, Succession Planning, Real Estate, Asset protection and Local Tax services.

Topaz Services, S.A., is a British-managed firm based in Panama for over 40 years

We are unrivalled in Panama for our depth of international experience in Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas.

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Topaz Services, S.A.

Professional Business Advisory Services

Delivering British Excellence in Panama since 1981

The Principal Services That We Offer

Qualified corporate specialists with a vast array of experience are at your disposal to establish corporations in Panama and elsewhere.

Discreet and personal services to help you protect your assets for your chosen heirs.

Trained and highly experienced specialists who can offer guidance and assistance with every aspect of your business in Panama.

Confidential and professional consultancy services supported by over 50 years of experience across the globe.

With our team of highly experienced Certified Public Accountants and skilled professionals we are ready to serve you at the highest level.  

Delivering British excellence from specialists since 1981

Areas of Expertise

Succession Planning

Set up of Local Business Premises

Property Tax & Administration

Family Office

Local Tax Returns


Experience, Quality, Excellence. Since 1981

Latest News and Articles


Welcome to Insights. An invaluable source of information and guidance

Seeking Solace

12th October 2022
In his latest article, Derek Sambrook from Topaz Services, S.A. considers the risks and opportunities associated with migrating to South America as a digital nomad.

Independent Writing for Independent Thinkers

Authored by Derek Sambrook, the OPQ provided insights, observations and analyses for a quarter of a century, from 1997 to 2022, and which many of our clients have found to be invaluable. Its independent writing was designed towards independent thinkers and for those interested in succession planning, asset protection and international investments.


Our Company President, Derek Sambrook, is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners in the United Kingdom, a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa and was both an affiliated member of the former Latin America and Caribbean Banking Commission as well as an offshore banking, trust company and insurance regulator for the British Government. He has over 50 years combined private and public sector experience in the financial services industry about which he has written extensively.


For more than 40 years we have developed a wide global network of business contacts in the jurisdictions shown that can offer you international solutions.







Cayman Islands


Puerto Rico

Hong Kong




New Zealand

& more.

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Our philosophy is to put substance before style and performance before presentation.

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Mr S, New Zealand

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and would like to tell you how impressed we are, not only with your professional services and knowledge but also with your personable and comforting presentation”.



“Through the years you have constantly helped us in many ways and you are always appreciated for your professionalism and friendly assistance”.



“I would like to extend my deepest thanks to you for all of your help over the course of the last few years. We are grateful for your assistance and guidance through it all”.