Trust Services, SA – Our Story

Our Company was established in Panama in 1981, originally by Inchcape, Plc, a British multinational public corporation. Over the years it has evolved to become the independent family-owned business that we know today. We are in the fifth decade of doing business and take great pride in having provided professional firms, institutions, charities and individuals with good quality service, sound business advice, legitimate asset protection and management of their personal estate planning. During that time, we have also served as consultants on every aspect of trusts under either common or civil law, not to mention offering local tax, secretarial, banking, accounting and administrative advice.

As a small, bespoke, British service provider we have been administering family estates through successive generations, offering them the benefit of our considerable international public and private sector experience especially in fiduciary and corporate administration.

We believe in being a good corporate citizen and have donated and supported local charities over the years. In fact, we manage significant charitable foundations in the region from which not only Panamanian but regional charities benefit.

“In 1997 Derek Sambrook became a joint owner with Robin Baily, who was also born in the UK (since deceased). Together they built upon the values Robin had forged since 1981 and which Derek upholds. In the above link, Derek writes a brief narrative on the story of their professional relationship and friendship”

We consider our characteristics to be synonymous with that of the Topaz Hummingbird, which is local to our region. Like the Topaz, we are always alert, move swiftly, and are highly manoeuverable. This rare bird perfectly symbolizes our company`s agility and ability to adjust to different environments and situations.

In 1997, Derek Sambrook became a joint owner with Robin Baily, also born in the UK but since deceased. Together they built upon the values forged since 1981 and which Derek upholds to this day.

The conference table used by Roy West Trust Corporation, when it had a branch in Panama in 1981, is still used for client meetings today. It exemplifies the continuation and quality of expertise that the former Roy West Group was known for across the Caribbean and Europe.

Orphanages, children’s hospitals and homes for the disabled and disadvantaged are just some of the charities that benefit from donations made on behalf of ourselves and our clients.

The grenade pin displayed in our reception area is testament to our durability and fortitude in all situations. Even the American invasion in 1989 could not stop us serving our client’s needs and ensuring that our operations remained on an even keel.


Who we are?

Our Managing Director, a qualified trust practitioner, a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and a fellow of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa, has over 50 years combined private and public sector experience in the financial services industry about which he has written extensively and attended many conferences as keynote and guest speaker.

His international expertise, gained in Europe, the United States of America, the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America is in the corporate, trust, insurance and banking fields and he was both a member of the former Latin America and Caribbean Banking Commission and an offshore banking, trust company and insurance regulator for the British Government. He is also a former Treasurer of the British Chamber of Commerce in Panama.

In 1996, Derek joined his long-standing friend and colleague, the company´s founder Robin Baily, at the firm before going on to become joint owner a year later. It was the opportunity to work with someone with shared values and the future potential he saw in the country that motivated Derek to move to Panama.

The Vice-President of the company holds degrees in Accounting and Finance from Coventry University in the United Kingdom where he was a lecturer before joining the company.

Additionally, he has more than two decades of experience in commerce, including a senior management post in a large UK public company which, at that time, was ranked within the global top 10 of its industry sector.

For our clients Krystian´s business acumen brings added value through his strategic and logistical thinking, attention to detail, and knowledge of finance.

Trust Services believes that the backbone of any organisation is its staff and many of our senior personnel can count their years of service in decades. Our experienced, highly skilled and bilingual staff remain key to our success and coupled with the compact nature of our family-owned firm we can offer you the following advantages;

  • Efficient co-ordination and dissemination of information.
  • Quick decision making. There is no head office, committee or regional office that needs to be referred to.
  • Continuity. Ours is an independently owned family business and, unlike large organisations, there are no worries over mergers, closures or buy-outs. The person managing your account does not get transferred and the same person handling your affairs is highly likely to be handling them for many years in the future. Our next generation of managers is already in place for the next era.
  • Confidentiality. As a family business we understand family concerns and the importance which is attached to privacy, particularly where wills, foundations and trusts might be involved. We consider this to be a value that is inestimable.

How can we help you?

“Success depends on a due mixture of special and non-special minds – of minds which attend to the means and of minds which attend to the end”

Walter Bagehot.
The Helping Hand.

At Trust Services, S.A, we have that essential combination of minds. Very often, unique investment and business opportunities are available in the international arena and centralizing international wealth management under the control of specialists means that companies, such as ourselves, are able to offer co-ordination of bank and investment accounts, administration, accounting or simple bookkeeping and, if necessary, introductions to other professional service providers.

In our fifth decade, we provide solutions and design structures to fit your needs, simplifying the complex and offering our clients the full package and not just a product. Our company policy is not to accept any commissions or inducements from any source.