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Trust Services, S.A.

Whether you are an international company with business in Panama, a family-owned enterprise or a new start-up venture in Panama, Trust Services can give you home advantage with our English and Spanish-speaking staff representing your business in either language fluently.

Trust Services, S.A. can provide you with affordable accountancy services with the necessary technical skills, as well as a wealth of local experience. Whether you choose our accounting services to prepare records such as income statements, balance sheets, tax returns and data analysis reports or our bookkeeping services to carry out the day- to-day financial tasks such as processing of purchases, receipts, sales and payments, you will find you have made the right choice in selecting our company where we have highly experienced Certified Public Accountants and skilled accounting professionals ready to serve at the highest level.


Accountancy - Our Services

Our range of services include the following, in which we have expertise:

General Accounting

Processing of monthly transactions

Preparation of bank reconciliations

Monthly update of payables and receivables ledgers

Monthly issuance of financial statements

Account analysis

Financial statements and annual reports in accordance with GAAP standards

A Bridge between Two Objectives

Successful planning and implementation of an international strategy.

Compliance of local corporate taxes and reports to local regulating entities

We offer local experience and expert knowledge to handle your tax preparation, tax returns and corporate compliance documents so that you can focus on what matters most, your business.

accountancy in panama

Complete Payroll Package

Our portfolio of Panamanian payroll services includes:

Monthly employee salary payments

Calculation and payment of Social Security payments for both employee and employer

Consultancy on local human resources guidance

Know-your-Employee due diligence controls

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Delivering British standards of Service in Panama

Decades of experience and knowledge to serve our client’s needs.


Our Approach

Trust Services, S.A., as a small British-run family firm in Panama since 1981, has a long history in successfully developing tailored services to its clients. This is because our approach is to take the time to understand a client’s needs and treat his business as if it were our own. We understand that small to medium-sized enterprises are often focused on delivering the best quality products and services which leaves them less time to maintain their finance and accounting. This is where we can step in.

Our personalized accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and local tax preparation services can help you focus on your business and are designed to meet individual requirements while at the same time we offer advice to preserve resources, legitimately scale-down tax obligations and support you in keeping your company running seamlessly and profitably.

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