With five decades of experience we offer tailor-made corporate administration solutions to meet all of our client’s needs

Trust Services, S.A.

With experience spanning over 50 years in Africa, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America we are able to advise you on a broad range of international business subjects.

Trust Services, S.A. has assisted with business activities since the beginning of the 1980´s in Panama and our experience of the local community is considerable. Our history and knowledge, alongside our portfolio of business advisory services in Panama gives us the ability to open doors for clients.

Our excellent and dedicated team of professionals can provide the necessary technical skills and experience in advising and assisting on the establishment of corporate vehicles, as well as local real estate, banking, fiduciary and administration services.


Business Advisory & Assistance - Our Services

Our range of business advisory services in Panama include the following, in which we have expertise:

Advisory Banking Services and Assistance

Navigating the ever-increasing requirements and due diligence procedures with today´s banks can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially if it is not in your native language.

Our Banking department is staffed by trained bankers who are fully conversant with private and commercial banking operations and have extensive international experience with many large banking institutions. Opening brokerage accounts, attending to share purchases, and more are standard services available.

Trained and highly skilled bankers on hand to guide and assist you.

A Bridge between Two Objectives

Successful planning and implementation of an international strategy.

Establishment of new business start-ups and assistance with ongoing operations

If you are considering starting a new company or opening a satellite branch of your existing business in Panama as part of your international strategy, then we can assist. We have experience coupled with local networking which can open up all of the right doors quickly and efficiently.

Find out more about our corporate package of services and our business advisory services in Panama by clicking the Services tab above.

business advisory services in Panama

Family Office

Now into our fifth decade, we have established excellent relationships with banks, custodians, brokers, lawyers and auditors. The collective experience of our team in the areas of corporate and fiduciary services, banking and accounting provides our clients with access to a wide array of unique and sophisticated estate and wealth planning tools and solutions. As a fully independent and privately-owned family firm we successfully retain our primary objectives; to act in the best interest of our clients and maintain the highest quality levels of service.

Delivering British standards of Service in Panama

Decades of experience and knowledge to serve our client’s needs.

Panama´s specialists in international fiduciary and corporate matters, providing services since 1981.

Advising and Administration

Other business advisory services in Panama within our portfolio include:

  • Advising and assisting with real estate
  • Local property taxes
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Making applications to, and filing of, statutory documents with local regulatory authorities on behalf of a company
  • Virtual office: Administering corporate day-to-day affairs including correspondence, calls and emails
  • Liaising with those authorised by a client to represent a client´s company or its shareholders
  • Due diligence consultants
  • Advice on Panama´s labour regulations and employee contracts

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Our Approach

In a growingly competitive global economy, clients require solutions to the challenges presented within their respective businesses and circumstances. Our approach is to prioritise our client ́s needs through delivery of valuable advice and bespoke corporate administration services. Our clients represent a wide variety of business sectors from all over the world, and our experience and knowledge has often proven to give them a competitive edge owing to our long history of doing business with local, and foreign, banks and service providers that can attend to your international affairs.

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“I always enjoy your bigger picture exploration on the issues you address. I find your insight, beyond the pedestrian “business issues”, quite refreshing. If only more folks would question the how and why of the things we do and not simply the how much (is my fee?)”
"To the naïve, greedy and perennially stupid, the world of offshore finance offers more than mystique and pseudo-sophistication. It is replete with frauds and deceptions of all sorts. A man (Derek Sambrook) who´s seen it all, describes the minefields and offers very useful advice"