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Trust Services, S.A.

Trust Services, S.A. forms companies in and outside the Republic of Panama offering a complete corporate package, providing directors and officers, safe custody of shares and registered address facilities.

We understand that our clients need simple, no-nonsense, pragmatic solutions to their commercial challenges while creating corporations in Panama. For that reason, projects are always led by our executives and most experienced senior staff. Our staff of accountants, bankers and corporate experts ensures that the administration and management of your affairs will run smoothly. Where a situation or transaction is time-sensitive, we always endeavour to work with you to ensure delivery, on point and on time.


Corporations - Our Services

Our range of services include the following, in which we have expertise:
corporations in Panama

Incorporation of Panamanian companies and LLC´s

Panama is still one of the world’s best investment jurisdictions due to its strict banking regulations and confidentiality laws, territorial taxation system (meaning no taxation on all foreign-sourced income) and a stable economy, currency and government behind the financial services industry. So, businessmen and others making legitimate use of the jurisdiction will find that Panama can provide both the professionals and the infrastructure to achieve their objectives from a strategically-located international financial services centre. For those interested in incorporating a Panamanian corporation, you can find out more about the many advantages available to you in our guides here about corporations in Panama.
A Bridge between Two Objectives

Successful planning and implementation of an international strategy.

Incorporation of International Business Corporations

Selecting the right jurisdiction is an important part of establishing an international structure, as every jurisdiction is different, and every situation is unique. Trust Services specialises in offering quality, bespoke services and can help you open your International Business Corporation, not only in Panama, but also in many other jurisdictions. Our skilled and bi-lingual Corporate staff have decades of experience in incorporating entities across the globe. Find out more by contacting us today about using Panama as a platform to launch your international presence from.
Panamanian Foundations

Corporate Solutions

Other services within our portfolio of corporate services, in which we have expertise, include:

Provision of Directors
Preparing articles of incorporation
Board minutes and Shareholder resolutions
Special Powers of Attorney
Resident and registered agent services
Redomiciliation of entities
Due diligence and compliance controls

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