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Panamanian Private Interest Foundations are very popular for succession planning, asset protection and as a holding entity forming part of a larger international structure.  This type of entity brings together the benefits of a Trust, for asset management; and the practicality and flexibility of a Corporation, for its legal existence and structure. Unlike a Corporation, however, the Private Interest Foundation has no owner, instead it has a founder, a foundation council and beneficiaries.

We provide a full range of incorporation, management, accounting and council services in relation to Panamanian Foundations and our company has the necessary technical skills, as well as experience, in forming Private Interest Foundations for our clients, either to hold real estate, company’s shares, brokerage accounts or bank accounts in Panama, as well as in other countries.

We will be happy to discuss this very important subject with you and our advice is given in complete confidence


Foundations - Our Services

Our range of services include the following, in which we have expertise:

Incorporation of Panamanian Foundations – Private and Charitable

Panamanian foundations certainly add scope to the options available in international estate planning and they carry much potential and vital elements in the implementation of an overall international investment and business management plan. They can serve as an excellent alternative to the popular foreign asset protection trust.

For those interested in incorporating a Panamanian Foundation, you can read our helpful guide, which highlights the various advantages offered, in the link here.

Delivering British standards of Service in Panama

Decades of experience and knowledge to serve our client’s needs.

Provision of Founder and/or Foundation Council

We provide a full range of services in forming and managing Private Interest Foundations for our clients, which can include provision of a nominee founder, as well as a foundation council. Our company has all the necessary technical skills, as well as a wealth of experience, you need.

The importance placed, by our clients, on trust and privacy are paramount to our approach as we seek to understand both their needs and those of their families, now and in the future.

Advising and Administration

Other services within our portfolio of Foundation services, in which we have expertise, include:

Preparation of the charter and regulations

Advising councils and appointed advisers of their duties and obligations

Advisers for beneficiaries

Resident and registered agent services

Due diligence and compliance controls

To view our full list of services, please click on the above link.

A Bridge between Two Objectives

Successful planning and implementation of an international strategy.


Our Approach

The average individual client does not want to lose ultimate control or ownership of his assets while he is alive but seeks to have his assets managed by professionals who will also act for him after his death, as they have for him during his lifetime, but with one or more new beneficiaries. We understand that our clients are often concerned about confidentiality and we therefore have the utmost respect for their privacy, especially when it comes to family wealth and succession planning.

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