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  • Provision of Panamanian Company
  • Provision of Panamanian Limited Liability company
  • Provision of an International Business Company
  • Provision of Officers and Directors or Managers
  • Reservation of name at Public Registry
  • Provision of Private Trust Company

Corporate Solutions

  • Provision of Resident or Registered Agent Services
  • Exclusive nominee shareholder service
  • Change of company name
  • Transfer of company, including redomiciliations
  • Change of officers and directors or Registered Agent
  • Provision of Letter of Certification
  • Provision of Certificate of Existence
  • Provision of Certificate of Good Standing / Incumbency
  • Issuance of new share certificate
  • Replacement of bearer shares with nominee shares, including nominee declaration
  • Issue of minutes
  • Restoration of company
  • Formal dissolution of a company
  • Annual government franchise tax payments



  • Provision of Panamanian Foundation – Private or Charitable
  • Provision of foundation charter and regulations
  • Provision of the founder
  • Provision of foundation council
  • Annual management of foundation
  • Provision of an adviser to a foundation
  • Inheritance and Succession Planning

Foundation Solutions

  • Provision of Resident Agent Services
  • Amendment to a foundation charter
  • Amendment to a foundation´s regulations
  • Change of foundation name
  • Transfer of an existing foundation
  • Advisers to existing foundation councils of their duties and obligations
  • Advisers to appointed foundation advisers of their duties and obligations
  • Advisers for beneficiaries
  • Powers of attorney
  • Issuance of foundation minutes
  • Restoration of a foundation
  • Formal dissolution of a foundation
  • Annual government franchise tax payments for a foundation

Trust Consultants

Fiduciary Solutions
  • Advice in relation to Panamanian trusts – Private and charitable
  • Advice in relation to foreign trusts -Private and charitable
  • Preparation and drafting of trust deeds and supplementary documentation
  • Appointment as Adviser
  • Amendment to a trust deed
  • Issuance of trustee minutes
  • Consultancy services for trustees in respect of their duties
  • Inheritance and succession planning
  • Consultancy services for appointed advisers
  • Advisers to beneficiaries
  • Due diligence and compliance controls
  • Executorship and Will consultants


Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Processing of monthly transactions
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Monthly updates of asset ledgers and subledgers
  • Monthly issuance of financial statements
  • Estimate and assessment of tax obligations
  • Accounting analysis
  • Compilation of annual reports and financial statements in accordance with GAAP standards
  • Translation accounting systems from local GAAP to IFRS
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Interim financial statements
  • Payment transaction processing
  • Appointment as statutory holder of accounting records

Payroll Accounting (for local businesses)

  • Payroll payment estimates
  • Payment of monthly payroll
  • Employment Registry
  • Severance Fund
  • Settlement Calculations
  • Salary Certifications

Local Tax Returns

  • Compliance of local corporate taxes
  • Annual tax returns

Business Advisory & Administration

Family Office

  • Multi-generational wealth planning and education
  • Organisation of family office for individuals and families
  • Development of a strategy and blueprint for the management of family assets, with ultimate aim of family asset ownership
  • Assistance with investment management, monitoring and reporting
  • Incorporation of companies and private foundations in Panama
  • Establishing and managing international companies and foundations
  • Philanthropic planning and management of charitable donations
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Private accounting and local tax services
  • Full office and secretarial services to provide you a presence with “substance”
  • Assistance with asset acquisition and protection
  • Access and introduction to our global network of service providers

Real Estate

  • Advising and assisting with real estate in Panama
  • Management and accounting of rentals for clients
  • Local property taxes
  • Assistance with local property tax exemption applications
  • Administration of purchase or sale
  • Title process
  • Authentication and apostille services for documentation

Administrational Solutions

  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Making applications, including filing of statutory documents, to local regulatory authorities on behalf of a company
  • Liaising with those authorised, by a client, to represent a client’s company or its shareholders.
  • Virtual office: Administering corporate day-to-day affairs including correspondence, calls, emails
  • Drafting and delivering of official letters
  • Provision of Letter of Certification
  • Apostille documents
  • Notarised documents
  • Authorised signatory services
  • Messenger services
  • Mail forwarding and/or mail retention service including post box facility
  • Translation of documents
  • Fax and photocopy facilities
  • Safe custody services for personal or corporate items
  • Agency account facility

Banking – Advisory and Assistance

  • Personal bank account – Current or savings
  • Corporate or Foundation bank account
  • Brokerage account
  • Escrow account
  • Term deposits
  • Certificate of deposit
  • Credit cards – Provision and administration
  • Registration of a bank account with authoritive body
  • Transaction investigations
  • Administration of bank account due diligence
  • Wealth management

Please note that for banking services, we can only assist you with introductions, guidelines, explanations and document completion.

New business start-ups in Panama

  • Guidance on type of business ownership i.e. corporation, partnership, LLC
  • Incorporation of new company
  • Assistance with location and acquisition of business premises
  • Assistance and administration of local requirements, examples include:
    • Registration for income tax
    • Commercial license
    • Registration for municipal tax
    • Social security number
    • Sanitary permit (if food and beverage business)
    • Fumigation certificate (if business open for the public)
  • Assistance with hiring of local employees, including employment contracts
  • Payroll and Human Resources administration
  • Purchase, delivery and installation of equipment and furniture
  • Opening and maintenance of utilities accounts i.e. water, electricity, internet
  • Accounting services
  • Banking services


  • Guidance on corporate, fiduciary, banking matters local and international. Rates per hour:
    • Executive level     $300
    • Senior Officer       $200
    • Junior Officer        $75
  • Drafting of consultancy agreements
  • Due diligence consultants
  • Advice on Panama´s labour regulations and employee contracts

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