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Trust Services, S.A.

With experience spanning over 50 years in Africa, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America we can provide trust consultancy services and trust consultants in Panama, the quality of which conforms with the objectives and standards promoted by The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) in the United Kingdom.

We will be happy to discuss this very important subject with you, whether you be a settlor, beneficiary, adviser or trustee.  Our advice is given in complete confidence.


Trust Consultants - Our Services

Our range of services include the following, in which we have expertise:

Advice in relation to Panamanian and Foreign Trusts – Private and Charitable

One of the most enduring means of protecting and conveying wealth, since the middle ages, has been the English trust which has been successfully exported to all common-law as well as to some civil-code jurisdictions. The specialists at Trust Services, S.A. can provide the necessary technical skills, as well as experience, to consult on matters of succession planning and asset protection from both the common and civil law perspectives.

Delivering British standards of Service in Panama

Decades of experience and knowledge to serve our client’s needs.

Preparation and drafting of trust deeds and supplementary documentation

Succession planning for the future can sometimes be a complex task which requires experience and expertise. At Trust Services, S.A. we have over five decades of serving clients with management of their personal estate planning and preparing fiduciary deeds and documentation. During that time, we have also served as trust consultants in Panama on every aspect of trusts under either common or civil law.

Advising and Administration

Other services within our portfolio as trust consultants in Panama include:

Advising trustees and any appointed advisers

Consultancy on matters related to trustee duties and obligations

Advisers to beneficiaries

Due diligence and compliance controls

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A Bridge between Two Objectives

Successful planning and implementation of an international strategy.


Our Approach

Succession planning for the future can sometimes be a complex task which requires experience and expertise in order to devise strategies for specific situations. At Trust Services, S.A. we have considerable knowledge to assist in all fiduciary areas while at the same time demonstrating the utmost respect towards the levels of privacy that our clients require in regards to their family wealth and succession planning. We know the importance that our clients place on working with people they can trust now and in the future.

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"I know some people may find it counterproductive to ask their lawyer if they should or shouldn't start another corporation or not. With the thinking being that of course the lawyer would like that...for added business. However, I trust your recommendations explicitly and appreciate your candor. I know that you have my best interests in mind...and for that I appreciate it”. (This reference mistakenly refers to our company’s President as a lawyer, but the sentiment expressed is unchanged).
“During his tenure of office … Mr. Sambrook has assisted in the drafting of legislation, the appraisal of developments which has enhanced the industry and maximized benefits to the economy”
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